The truth behind UN report on Sri Lanka - The muppot show of Ban Ki Moon

17 Apr 2011

We all know that UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon (BaKaMoona) is just a Muppet of the West. Another Muppet’s show is now live telecasting at UN head quarters in New York, USA. So called three man advisory committee for Ban Ki Moon has submitted its report.

We all knew the intended content of it from the first day the advisory committee was appointed by Moon. It was just a matter of false formality by the committee before publishing the report. As we all know, it was all screening according to the script written by US state department.

Defeating LTTE terrorism against the will of the West
The government of Sri Lanka under the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa defeated LTTE terrorism against the will of the West. LTTE was not all about separatism of Tamils. There were broader and organized politico-wconomic forces behind the LTTE. LTTE was another front of neo-colonialism of the West. West need political instability for further exploitation of their former colonies and LTTE was just another Muppet front of the West. Norway and UK played key role in fueling LTTE terrorism playing facilitator role for separatism. It was all about divide and rule.

But West defeated miserably at the eleventh hour when it was all set for them. No wonder they hate the present government. Now they desperately want to punish Sri Lankan leader and the people for go against supremacy of West and defeating terrorism.

Ban Ki Moon – The Muppet man
The entire world know that Ban Ki Moon is not a competent person or leader. He has no mandate of people. His best qualification for the post was being a man of platitude. A weak man was an appropriate choice of the West and Ban Ki Moon is playing just that. Though his post is ‘General Secretary’, he is only a secretary and not by any means a general.

A man fall from the Moon indeed
When USA was invading Iraq and failing to justify any purpose while killing millions of innocent civilians, Ban Ki Moon was behaving like a man from the moon. He is deaf and blind for those. But when Sri Lanka defeated terrorism which lasted for more than twenty five years, Moon waked up. The Muppet show started. The state department of USA is holding the strings and Moon is dancing according to the tune of the frustrated West.

UN- the mismatch of the present
UN was a result of USA and its ally winning World War II. USA and its western ally dominated the UN.  The UN reflected the political equilibrium of late 1940’s when the West dominated over the East. It has all changed ever since. Now Asia is ruling over the West. The BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India & China) is the new world order. China is clearly the leader of world economy. Asia has won back supremacy of the world. China’s current reserves are now over 3 Trillion Dollars while USA and Europe is under debt.

USA is no longer an economic super power, but a diminishing country with an ailing economy. Western Europe is also under debt and austerity for survival. It’s time for the UN to restructure according to current politico-economic balance or else the UN has to face a natural death in New York. We are now in need of a new world forum for the betterment of the world and its headquarters must be in rising Asia.

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Anonymous said...

Bakamoona andlana eka moosalai. Oya gal moosalayawa UN eken elawanna one kohoma hari. Nayata gahala polla waradda ganna epa mooono....!!!!

Anonymous said...

We applaud Minister Dinesh Gunwardena's recent comment on the undignified and double standards the UN has adopted on the Sri Lankan issue. These are strong words and it is the voice of almost every patriot in our Nation. If the bullying does not stop, we should seriously consider pulling out of UN as its mandate does not offer us any benefit any longer. Andre B

Anonymous said...

Moo bakamoonek nemei mookalan bassek!!

Anonymous said...

The UN is a group of rich men and beggers. Beggers are not supposed to do things which rich men cannot do in Afghanisthan, Iraq or now in Libya. We form the beggers did it. Now what all the beggers should do is to leave UN and form a UNB, United nations of Beggers, with Russia, China and India and our Arab and African brothers. The we have a good market, the rich men will loose their domination. Unitil we do that these bankimoon or munkyboon activity will continue. her LTTE bootlickers have licked the boot of the colonialists again, they have failed woefully to regroup or attack us again, what kashada force that is.

Anonymous said...

Please think about below things.
Hidden Truth
I am a Sri Lankan citizen who is living in Sri Lanka from the day that I borne and I am a one Sri Lankan among all other Sri Lankans who suffered badly due to Terrorism.
What is the vision, objective and the mission of UN and NATO?
What is the reason to form UN and NATO?
Are these UN and NATO formed to build a peaceful world?
Are these UN and NATO formed to protect entire world?
Are these UN and NATO formed to protect USA and UK only?
Are these UN and NATO belongs only to USA and UK?
Is UN belongs only to Ban Ki-moon?
Is Ban Ki-moon representing Terrorist within UN?
Is this world belongs only to UN, USA and UK?
Is it the Objective of UN and NATO to develop USA and UK while destroying other countries?
Are these UN and NATO to achieve objectives of USA and UK only?
Are these UN and NATO belongs to Terrorist?
Is Ban Ki-moon is a Terrorist?
Is this world belongs to Terrorist?
Where are the war crime reports alleged by USA and UK during the war against other countries?
Is the objective of UN to support Terrorism?
Is the objective of USA, UK, UN and NATO to support terrorism, while destroying other countries to deploy?
When there is an attack occurred against either USA or UK, it is called a “Terrorist Attack”
When USA, UK, UN and NATO launches attacks against other countries or groups, it is to protect peace in the world, protect the world and to protect people of USA and UK.
When there is an attack occurred against other countries from terrorist groups, USA, UK, UN and NATO are silence and warning to the legitimate governments and trying to attack.
If a legitimate government attacks back to a Terrorist group its called war crimes?
When illegal deadliest terrorist (LTTE) been attack innocent civilians, leaders regardless of the race and nation, and when destroy public properties and economy of Sri Lanka (Which is a legitimate government) for about 35 years, USA, UK, UN and NATO was silence and sleeping.
When Sri Lankan government destroy Terrorist (LTTE) within two three years to protect innocent civilians, leaders of the country and to protect public properties and economy of Sri Lanka, while bring peace to the entire country, regardless of the race and nation, then USA, UK and UN wake up and start to work against legitimate government of Sri Lanka (Sri Lankans).


Adaderana Sinhala

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