President Mahinda Rajapaksa is taken for a ride by government of UK

2 Dec 2010

Diplomacy of UK thinks that countries like Sri Lanka are still their colonies. They had generated enough number of brained washed lumpant slaves here, through their education and privilege based administration system in colonial era, to continue to support neo-colonialism.

Mahinda Rajapaksa is a unique leader whom nourished through our own value system. That’s why he was able to win over Western supported terrorism despite their immense politico-economic pressure.
When the fight against terrorism was at the very peak, UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband and France Foreign Minister Bernard Kushner rushed to Sri Lanka. But President Mahinda Rajapaksa did not bother even to meet them at capital Colombo, and instead they were asked to come and meet him at Ambilipitiya, a rural town closer to his birth village in the South.

Ever since, government of UK has a deal to settle with Sri Lanka. Channel 9 TV has been used for this purpose time and again to present controversial documentaries on fight against terrorism in Sri Lanka. But they miserably failed to bear any scientific or political basis.

It is in this backdrop that president Rajapaksa was invited for the second time to deliver a gust speech at Oxford student union. The government of UK manipulate the occasion in pin point accuracy to take at least some sort of revenge.

Humiliation for president Mahinda Rajapaksa and Sri Lankan nation
Without any doubts, last minute cancellation is a slap on the face of not only Mahinda Rajapaksa, but also for entire Sri Lankan nation.

It is a childish argument that his address is cancelled due to security reasons surfaced in last minutes. If there were any security concerns, those should have communicated well before the president arrived in London and possibly cancelled it in advance.
Therefore, this was clearly a well planed humiliation operation carried out by intelligent burro of the UK.

Is UK a failed nation?
If the government of UK can not provide security for a leader of another country, the UN must immediately list UK as a failed nation. We all know that UK has fallen to a recession due to unbearable external debt. Now it seems UK is not only economically bankrupt, but also bankrupt in politico-military arena.

What should be the next step of the SL government
It is not so long that EU delisted Sri Lanka from its GST plus subsidiary scheme. Now we do our trade with EU very much on equal basis. The trade balance between UK and Sri Lanka is still favoring them. Its not so long ago we kicked Europe based Shell from Sri Lanka. The government of Sri Lanka can act now effectively kicking other colonial business agents out of the country. The British-America Tobacco Company and Uniliver are in the list. We are no longer underdogs. Our politico-economic relations operate on equal basis. We should kick them off one by one and give those business opportunities to our real friends that helped us in need.

Education industry of UK must be boycott by Sri Lankans
Still good part of Sri Lankans suffers from colonial mentality syndrome. They prefer to study in UK based courses despite exaggerated cost. CIMA, BCS, CIM,,, all those are licensed plates from former colonial master. Why some of us like to get membership from British professional bodies?  It is merely because of petty underdog mentality!!!

It is time to understand the reality of Oxford democracy and say no to license plates of colonial UK!!!!

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Anonymous said...

If UK government (Failed state) is not capable of providing security for Sri Lankan president, We should have taken our own elite commandos to safe guard our president during his visit to London.

paspanguva said...

Very well said my friend! Bravo!

Mayu said...

The writer made some stupid suggestions to isolate the Sri Lanka from other countries.

All these events, as he mentioned took place, for the present government leadership.

So that means Sri Lankan chosen a wrong leadership due to the lack of knowledge.

Now people would have been very much enlightened about this leadership.

The better choice is to demand for another election.

Anonymous said...

Patriotic ploticos should take the lead of boycotting UK education. They must stop sending their children to UK for education.

Liberal Lanka said...

You are right, if not for the colonial mentality, our president would not have run to the britain to deliver a speech. This was a private visit of our president and the speech was hosted and canceled by a private party. If there is anyone with a backbone the president should be questioned as to why he went on to this not so friendly country in the first place

Helaya said...

Annon @ 08:02 "Patriotic ploticos should take the lead of boycotting UK education. They must stop sending their children to UK for education."




Anonymous said...

cant you write something sensible for a change? Any half moronic leader would not have accepted an invitation to address the Oxford Union. Only a moronic one would. If he is so much what you say, why go to England in the first place and why send his son to UK for training. Get a life be consistent.

It just goes to show the true uppishness of the man. A humbler and more respected leader of the likes of Manmohan Singh would not take 100 people at the government expense and waste so much money when so many people are in such a bad way in this country.

He has outlived his win over terrorism and needs to concentrate on what makes this country great. Her people and their humility something obviously absent in this leader and government.

Anonymous said...

what ever said and done we sholud remeber that mr. mahinda rjapaksha is a true sri lankan and a hero. he s the one who brought this country to this state. so we should safe guard him. he s the one who united this country under one flag. we should salute him and protect him. we know that s for sure as we lived in a war affected area. now we re lived thanks to him


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