The top ten priorities of new Sri Lankan National Government

7 Apr 2010

In few hours time the people of Sri Lanka will flock into polling booths to cast their supreme asset of democracy. It’s not just a vote in a piece of paper, but interests and hope of the nation that will be counted. The result is clear. It is obligation of the new government to fulfill all the national interests. Identifying top priorities among those are vital. Following are the Lanka Rising’s top ten priorities that government must fulfill.

1. Revolutionary reforms in Education System
This is one of the neglected areas of first term of Mahinda Rajapaksa government and therefore this must be taken as the top priority of new government. We need radical national leader like Champika Ranawaka or J R P sooriyapperuma to successfully implement drastic reforms. The new education system must produce citizens filled with our cultural and social values who love this country. The current anti-national education system produces mere puppets that fit into vicious capitalist system. It’s a sin and tragedy that students lost their valuable time for tuition and trained to be exploited from very young age. The national education system must ensure equal quality education to all. The competitive nature of mere passing exams must be eliminated by all means. 

Government must diversified the university education so that we no one must leave the country to get higher education. We can cut down large out flow of national wealth to the foreign countries by diversifying higher education.

2. Close monitoring and control of INGOs and other foreign mediation
This is one of the top most priorities of next government. We must not forget that we were under colonial rule for over 450 years and those western colonial masters still try to control us by various means. INGO’s are the Trojan horses of western neo-colonialism. They come in humanistic faces, but they are the evils. We all show how these INGO’s work hand in hand with LTTE separatist terrorism in the past two decades. Unless these INGO’s are fully controlled and their vicious agenda is defeated, we can not build new Sri Lanka based on our national interests. They can destabilize and jeopardize our march forward in any moment. That’s why they must be fully monitored and controlled as top priority national security matter!

3. Supporting Sri Lankan entrepreneurs to develop national economy
The capitalist open economy is what western imperialism preaches us. The western imperial masters invaded and looted the wealth of the Asian African countries to be dominant. Then they continue to rule us by power of capitalism. Its time to come out of the vicious trap. We must develop our economy based on our strengths. Import substitute agri-industrial development is the way to go. We must protect and help our national interests and genuine entrepreneurs capable of building our economy. Let’s no beg for foreign investments. They only come to further exploit us. Agriculture is our strength. Sri Lankans does not like to be caged in factories and offices. Our culture is closer to nature and therefore agro based economic development would bring ease happiness and prosperity to the majority of Sri Lankans. Government must facilitate and help building national economy.

4. Implement green economic policies
We need sustainable development that can exist in harmony with nature. Extreme passion, greed and aggression of Western development model have its limitations and we must not trap into their vicious model. Our Sinhala Buddhist culture (Eastern culture in general) is based on moderation and sustainability.  Therefore, environmental and eco friendly sustainable green economic policies must be adapted by the government.

5. Close monitoring and tight control of capitalist comprador media institutions that promote hatred, passion and frustration in the society
The comprador media agents play key role in promoting Western capitalism in this country. Western culture is favorable in selling western junks from Coca Cola to milk food. The Indian trade imperialism is another force to be countered.

The Maharaja Media network is the mother of all evils in Sri Lankan media. They are investing billions to dominate Sri Lankan culture in favor of their politico-business agenda. Government must directly and openly fight against these evil forces and defeat them so that we can meet our national politico-economic-social targets.

6. Complete infrastructure developments within next three years
It’s very important that we complete building our infrastructures in quick time. “Maga Naguma” is great success. All the rural roads must be in better condition than that of Colombo and suburbs. Harbor and Airport developments are commendable. All the people must be accessed to electricity of some form (We are fast reaching this target). Our next target must be to move into lawer cost and greener energy resources. There is plenty of room for innovation in this area. Once the infrastructure is in top quality our skilled work force will not be exposed to undue exploitation and we can demand the same price of servise as anywhere else in the world.

7. Implement Worker’s charter to ensure quality of life of working community
Vast majority of the people of this country work in private sector. Therefore it is key that government look after welfare of private sector employees. Mahinda Rajapaksa government must be brave enough to introduce radical measures in preventing exploitation of labour force of the country.

Let’s not beg for foreign investment for Garments and other petty industries. We are highly skilled nation. Our workforce must not be exposed to exploitation at any cost. The comprador business mafia will vehemently oppose these measures. But government must unite with true national entrepreneurs to work in harmony to bring prosperity with good and genuine relationship between employers and employees.

8. Provide quality Health services freely accessible to all the citizens

Health is just another sensitive area that capitalist vadda’s eying to exploit. Common people’s health must not be another commodity of exploitation. Government must take full control in implementing national health policy that provides free access to quality health service to all in need.

9. Constitutional reforms to restore common people’s democracy and national integrity

10. Ensure law and order and equal opportunities for all

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You're priorities are all skewed. The first one should be getting a handle on corruption, second should be ensuring justice for all. If you are a representative of the new generation of Sri Lankans then we are all screwed.


Adaderana Sinhala

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