Vikalpa journalists or White collar terrorists?

31 Mar 2009

LankaRising has consistently emphasised the fact that Terrorism is a vicious cycle and LTTE military wing is just one part of the mechanism (Ref: Why is fight against terrorism winning? - Part 1). The whole mechanism of terrorism is based on the “TERROR” factor. There are pre and post activities to every terrorist activity.

Environment should be set up for the terrorists to attack on civilian, political or military targets. If the security is tightened in all aspects terrorists get no chance in successfully executing their vicious and brutal attacks. For this to happen, civil society must be divided and reckless. Political instability in the country and divisions among military forces is highly favorable. The INGO agents who are indirectly funded by LTTE sympathizers and so called ‘Vikalpa’ media agents are more than happy create this environment. In short, they (White collar terrorists) shamelessly use their brain and pen to fulfill this pre conditions for LTTE to carryout their brutal attacks in the South.

Once LTTE successfully carry out an attack on civilian, political, economical or military target, it is again the INGO and media agents who are in action to convert these terrorist acts to political wins. Firstly they report these incidents to convert the physical fear among the victims in to broad mental fear psychosis in the whole society and political leadership demanding give into terrorists. They will trigger another round of negotiations and win political gains so that they can initiate another round of the vicious cycle of terrorism. In the mean time these INGO and media agents will get bags of dollars which are indirectly pumped by LTTE.

Following is an example post from “Vikalpa” site (March 24, 2009) which is run by top ranked INGO media gurus in the country. We are in the verge of winning the fight against terrorism and LTTE leader piripaharan is internally displaced in his mythical Ealam land and looking for every avenues to escape. Piripaharan will do every possible act to survive. Another series of bomb blasts in the south to create civil and political instability is highly possible. The extra vigilant and precautions in the civil society is the major hindrance to the LTTE terrorists. That is why these paid so called vikalpa journalists are shamelessly campaigning to change that attitude among civilians. Now they are doing it openly. They might be eager to collect few more bags of dollars at the eleventh hour of the elimination of LTTE. Will these shameless ones (White collar terrorists) and their families get pleasure consuming the dirty money earned through these shameless acts?

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China to formally challenge dominance of Petro-Dollar

30 Mar 2009

Today's global economic collapse is convincing European and Asian nations that management of the dollar is too important to be left to the Americans. This is the enormous cat that China's leaders let out of the bag last week in preparation to G20 summit by suggesting a new international reserve currency to replace the dollar as the global medium of exchange. China's trial balloon, which would give greater currency-issuing power to the International Monetary Fund, is a subtle but significant challenge to six decades of American leadership and management of the world's financial system.

Zhou Xiaochuan, China's central bank governor, got in his licks on the bank's Web site. He called for gradually "removing the inherent deficiencies caused by using credit-based national currencies" (i.e., the dollar) to settle international debts and accumulate savings. His essay showed Beijing's growing concern that President Obama's massive spending programs will decimate the $2 trillion China holds in foreign reserves, primarily dollars.

But Zhou was reflecting misgivings that also surface in calls by France and other nations for a "Bretton Woods II" international economic agreement. His paper was strategically timed to get this week's Group of 20 summit in London to focus on the responsibility that the dollar -- and thus the United States -- should bear for the deep recession and turmoil afflicting world markets.

The Ugly American is no longer an uncaring bureaucrat or soldier posted to Southeast Asia, but a greedy financier on Wall Street selling unsecured securities to gullible foreigners and Americans alike.

Here is the background story in presentation form (source: Internet)

- America's Way on Trial (washington post, March 29, 2009)
- Zhou Xiaochuan: Reform the International Monetary System
- Petrodollar warfare (WIKI)
- Petrodollar Theories of the War


A Blogger politician exposed. What is your decision?

28 Mar 2009

In the Western Provincial council election, we can see different types of people contesting under various political parties. One of them is lawyer Ajith Perera, UNP candidate in Kalutara District, who claimed to be the first blogger in Sri Lanka contest for public office (Ref: A First in Sri Lanka? : A Blogger contests for the public office). Since he claims to be a blogger politician, it will be interesting to analyse his blog posts and understand not only his personal political view, but also the general political vision of the UNP under which he is contesting.

Whenever LTTE tigers attack innocent civilians in South (to inflict mental fear or TERROR), UNP candidate Ajith Perera was busy republishing all the international news reports to convert physical fear into mental fear psychosis in the nation through his blog (just like all other INGO backed so called free media sites). At one occasion when a bomb blasted in Fort, he published a blog article titled - කවුද මේවට වග කියන්නේ? When the whole nation knew it was LTTE terrorists that was killing innocent people using bomb blasts this cunning lawyer was trying to convince the public that it was government that should account for these brutal killings by LTTE terrorists. (Ref: Bomb Blast at Colombo Fort (Photos) - කවුද මේවට වග කියන්නේ? )

UNP provincial council election candidate Ajith Perera’s blog entries on fight against terrorism was sometimes even few steps ahead from the reports of the TamilNet. When the army had temporary set back at Muhamali (That was the only temporary setback in the fight against terrorism under Mahinda Rajapaksa government) this INGO back licker shamelessly reported that “The morale of security forces are all time low now.” This clearly shows his aspirations which are against Sri Lankan nation but in line with vicious agenda of LTTE terrorists and their backing western countries. (Ref: Muhamalai defeat – afterthoughts)

Whenever pro LTTE Tamilnet site publishes false reports to tarnish the image of Sri Lankan military forces, it is not only western media that reproduce the false report, but those vicious politically motivated bloggers in the caliber of Ajith Perera shamelessly republish all those reports of same vicious agenda in different flavors.
(Ref: Sri Lankan hospital shelled for ninth time – CNN , At Least 9 Killed by Shelling at Sri Lanka Hospital - The NY Times , Deadly strike on Puthukkudiyiruppu hospital - BBC)

It is not only LTTE who is asking United Nations and other western countries to come and rescue Piripaharan at the eleventh hour of their elimination, but INGO agents Ajith Perera of UNP too reiterating the plea of LTTE in his own blog. (Ref: Appeal to United Nations: Please don’t wash your hands off in Sri Lanka as you did in Rwanda)

This political blogger hates JHU because it is headed by patriotic monks and, therefore mere back lickers of western countries like Ajith are heavily exposed under JHU politics. He uses his blog to extensively lash at JHU politics without any basics. JHU monks are doing decent politics and they have earned the respect of the people of this country unlike the JVP which take monks to ride in political demonstrations, but keep aside in high profile political activities. Cunning lawyer Ajith Perera who pretends to oppose monks being involved in politics (at policy level), shaded crocodile tears when young monks in he universities who were taken for ride by petty political parties behave violently breaking the civil law were dissolved by legitimate powers of the law. (Ref: A ‘Buddhist’ upasaka ruler assaults ‘Buddhist’ monks in a ‘Buddhist’ land)

Following is the final results of the recently held Provincial Council Election fpr North Western Province where UNP got mere 28% of total vote in their strong hold area.

UPFA --- 668,743-- 69.43 ------------37
UNP ---- 270,347 -- 28.07 ------------14

(Ref: Department of Elections, Sri Lanka)

If UNP continue to select this type of LTTE back lickers who are in hunger of Doller bags from INGOs rather than the aspirations of the common people, this party is soon going to be ended in the dustbin in the history because now people have already decided not only the type of candidates to be elected but also type of traitors whom who should be swept from Sri Lankan politics.


The context of attack on Sri Lankana Cricket team

7 Mar 2009

It is not so long ago that President Mahinda Rajapaksa stated that “Terrorism can not be categorized as ‘good’ (justifiable) terrorism and bad terrorism, but all form of terrorism must be dealt with in the same fashion”. That statement was a slap on the face of some of the western leaders who have been trying to poke into matters of our national security thinking that Sri Lanka is still one of their colonies. Our president’s statement has once again proved when Sri Lanka national cricket team was brutally attacked by terrorists in Lahore, Pakistan.

Sri Lankan team did not visit Pakistan with guns and ammunitions to influence politics in Pakistan, but to play cricket with wickets, bat and ball and entertain the cricket loving common people in the country. However, the terrorists always want to keep terror mentality in the people and make countries politically and economically unstable. Their terror acts have no territorial boundaries.

When the whole world has misread terrorism and some countries were trying to exploit terrorism to influence other countries to gain political and economic mileage, it is Sri Lanka that has shown the effective way to eliminate it. All the terrorist organizations in the world are now feared that the rest of the world will follow our standards in fight against terrorism.

It is well known fact that most of the terrorist organizations have collaborative networks not only for their supply chains, but also for training and sharing terror ideas. Whenever a terrorist organization is struggling for their survival, there is collective collaboration to preserve their mode of operation which is terrorizing people, political leadership and counties.

When LTTE attacked strategic economic targets in Colombo in 1996, most of the western countries supported the vicious cycle of terrorism by refusing to visit Sri Lanka. It is our Asian neighbors India and Pakistan that put aside their personal grudges and came forward to visit Sri Lanka to prove a point. That great solidarity ultimately resulted in bringing the World Cup back to Asia. It is in this backdrop that Sri Lankan team decided to visit Pakistan.

However, it is a weak puppet president Asif Ali Zardari who is the widower of assassinated Benazir Bhutto (Another queen paraded from London to Islamabad, just like CBK was paraded from London to Colombo in 2000) and his henchman’s that is currently ruling Pakistan. When the political leadership is weak, terrorists have merry time. That is why we should have think twice and taken extra precautions before visiting Pakistan.

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