Pettro-dolla Scam - Part 2

19 Jun 2009

Few months back on March 30th 2009 , Lanka Rising post an article with a slide slow exposing the scandal of Pettro-dollar. If a country is wealthier than another, the wealthier country must export than the less wealthy country. We all know that USA does not export much of industrial goods. Most of the worlds top brands are from countries outside USA. Still How come USA happend to be the world's super power. Its simply by means of controlling world economy through US dollar. Now monopoly of dollar has lost. Countries freely do trading with Euros, Yens and Yuans. Therefore dollar continues to depreciate and already lost its shine. This is the major (What USA try to hide from rest of the world) reason for collapse of USA economy.

But this is not a secrat to USA citizens. Thats why they are now trying to do tricks and experiments fool the world again. Following news article tells the story.

Greensboro Group Pushes for New City Currency
(June 15, 2009)

A group in Greensboro will hold a public meeting Monday night to discuss creating a new currency for the city.

Called the Greensboro Currency Project, the group would help create another form of money that would only be accepted at businesses inside Greensboro. Regular money could still be used, but organizers say the alternative currency would benefit city businesses by getting people to buy locally.

Other towns around the country, including Pittsboro, have similar programs in place.

Monday's meeting is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. at the Hive on Grove St.

Lets have a close eye on what USA's next trick to fool the world and regain economic supremacy. LankaRising will closely monitor the events and report to Sri Lankan nation.


- Greensboro Group Pushes for New City Currency

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