Arthur C. Clarke and us

22 Mar 2008

The post colonial mentality has made many Sri Lankans to think that Sri Lanka is too small country to live and meet their aspirations. However Arthur C Clarke was a British born and he emigrated to Sri Lanka in 1956, where he lived until his death. When he decided to settle in Sri Lanka he was already a world renowned person as a science fiction author, inventor, and futurist. His staying in this tiny Island never seem hindering his scientific research and writings.

Arthur C Clarke is most renowned for his scientific predictions. He explored into the future with rational thinking and open mind. Ironically the desire to know the Predictions of life is part of way of life of most of Sri Lankans. Unfortunately it is checking the horoscope and zodiac signs, looking for astrological auspicious time etc. that has creep into our society which are completely baseless and non-scientific. The biggest joke is that so called followers of Buddhism that is based on “Anithya” (impermanence) and “Anathma” (no-soul/no-self) concepts are also going after these myths. The scientific prediction methodology of Clarke has not yet been fully absorbed into Sri Lankan culture.

While most of Sri Lankans after getting free education leave the country without paying a penny in turn to the country, Arthur C Clarke decided to settle in Sri Lanka. He granted the money received as apart of various awards to build “Arthur C Clarke centre” which is affiliated to university of Moratuwa. While most of the politicians and so called intellectuals of this country are always looking for what they will get from this country, Arthur C Clarke loved this country and always try to give something back to the country that he live.

It is sixty years since independence and still there are people including politicians who think that public appears in wearing Sarong is bad for their state. In the contrary, Arthur C Clarke appeared wearing Sarong in quite a number of TV programmes and he discussed various topics in relax mood. While our ‘gentlemen’ are still wearing the European suite even under tropical sun heat, this great intellectual quickly adapt to our climate and culture.

When most of our people value western customs and culture as supreme, Arthur C Clarke admired our Sinhala Buddhist values and his recent predictions included that “Buddhism will be the only survived religion in the future” and “All the people will ultimately be vegetarians”. When Clarke is predicting the future which we already practiced before colonization, today the business and marketing mafia is trying to pull us to the western culture for mere profits.

Even the funeral of Arthur C Clarke was a great example of a great person. He was actively involved in writing and other scientific work even at late 80s and served the world. He never wanted to have a “funeral ceremony” for his dead body and left another lesson for Sri Lankans.

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Anon said...

It's emigrated not immigrated you brown noseing dipstick

Lanka Rising said...

Dear anon,
thanks for prompting spell mistake. Its corrected.
- LR

Anonymous said...

Dear two English scholars, LR and dipstick.
You two are real Sri Lankans.
Appreciate your knowledge.
But don't forget to understand the good lessons.


Adaderana Sinhala

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