Fate of Mervin Silva, a politician, thug and a clown

27 Dec 2007

December 27th mark historic day in Sri lankan politics and media freedom. The incident involved with minister Mervin Silva in the premises of Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation is sending strong signals to both political and judiciary circles in the country that people of this country is not satisfied and no longer willing to tolerate their inability to curb violence unleashed by politicians in the society.

Political history
Mervin Silva entered into politics under the patronage of Mahinda Rajapaksa in Hambanthota district. However, later he left SLFP and joined hand with UNP. He used to be an keen critics of CBK. He used harsh and abusive words to criticize her. But soon after CBK won the presidential election, this shameless political clown got back the membership of SLFP after knelt down and asking for forgiveness in front of CBK in public.

In the general election in 2004, Mervin Silva contested in Colombo district and people of Colombo rejected Mervin Silva and made him the last in the list with only less than 3000 votes from the entire district!

However, by that time, he had managed to add his wife into the National list and defeated Mervin Silva somehow convinced CBK to enter his wife in to the parliament. Later Mervin entered into parliament using this national list seat which was allocated to his wife.

It is said that National list is there for intellectual and professionals to enter into the legislature. However it is unfortunate that national list was used by this clown to enter into the parliament.

It was great shame that president Rajapaksa appointed this crook as the minister of Labor, the same portfolio that president held for some time. The working class of this country believes this appointment as an insult for them.

History of thugery
In September 2007, Chaminda Serasinghe, brother of UNP Western Provincial Councilor Sujeewa Serasinghe, was beaten up by Malaka Silva who is beloved son of Mervin Silva at a night club down Duplication Road. The victim claims that Malaka Silva, along with ten of his bodyguards, assaulted him when he visited a popular latino dance club, to have dinner with a German lady. The lady is believed to be the reason for the brawl, since she had once had an intimate relationship with Junior Silva.

In November 2006 Malaka and two of his bodyguards pleaded guilty for attacking Police Narcotics Bureau (PNB) officers, who were on a drug raid at a night club in a five-star hotel. On that occasion, Colombo High Court Judge Upali Abeyratne ordered each of them to pay compensation of Rs. 10,000 and enter into a bond of Rs 100,000 each, to be in good behavior for a year. Malaka Silva is widely believed to be a dealer in the banned substance.

In another incident, both Mervyn and Malaka jointly ran amok and destroyed property at another Colombo night club in 2004. On that occasion, Junior got into a fight at Clancy’s night club and Senior came along with his goons for support. Before long, severe damage was caused to the Clancy’s night club and the Soprano’s Karaoke Bar in the same building. A security guard who witnessed the whole incident told police that it was Mervyn Silva, along with his goons, who had damaged the property of the club. However, a few days later, the security guard had changed his story, presumably under political pressure and gave an affidavit retracting his earlier statement to police. The courts, meanwhile, dismissed the case for the lack of evidence.

Mervin and media
Whenever his sons are at play, Mervin Silva is always there to defend them and his finger is always pointed against the media personals. He has verbally abused media personals in public in numerous occasions. Over the years Sirasa, Swarnavahini and Divaina had been targeted by this clown politician. However the state media had blind eye in all those incidents over the years. It is in this backdrop that Mervin Silva came to question the director of news of Rupavahini Corporation for not telecasting of his petty speech in the opening ceremony of the ‘Mahanama’ bridge in Matara.

It is a comic of his own fate that at last, this bankrupt thug got his due place in the premises of state owned Rupavahini Corporation itself. Though he entered to play the role of a thug, he has to leave the place just like a clown after beaten up by the staff and fellow journalists.

When the justice is not evident
If the past cases involved with minister Mervin Silva and his sons got the due justice and the culprits are penalized in the judiciary system, this incident would never ended in violence. However, when people do not see the justice, it is natural for them to take the law in their hands.
In the last general election people made him the LAST in the preferential list. Still the political helm preferred to select him as a minister. Now people themselves have curbed his thugary and exposed his true clown face. What more people should do to convince the political helm that Mervin is a rejected politician ?

The question begging for answer is does the government and particularly president Mahinda Rajapaksa is willing to amend mistake of appointing a political clown as a minister. If not, the government may have to play heavy political price in the next election.

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Anonymous said...

Good background for the events. If any of your English readers want a rough translation of the SLRC footage, visit:

Anonymous said...

Very good comment, but you should improve your English language or stick to your mother toungue next time rather than making mistakes

Anonymous said...

Mahinda Rajapakse should take the responsibility for letting these thugs to enter the parliament.CBK did the same but MR failed to correct it.

MR sacked Sri Lankan Air CEO, Petter Hill for not reserving 35 seats for his family and the team without an proper investigation.

But MR still prefers this goon to work as a minister of the government. Who is paying salaraies and other perks for these ministers????

Shame on you President!!!

Grimes said...

Cheers to all co-coordinators of this world event - Shown on Special Broadcasting Services for many ethnic groups.....'Father Like Son'.....once upon a time......developing slow...
Well well who is the next Politician(s) (Clown) to follow. Apparently,there are a few more who abuse their public position (intolerable proportions of course)practice thuggery on innocent people.

Anonymous said...

I have a different openion.It is Rupavahini Corporation and SLBC who safeguard and indirectly support these thugs by not reporting earlier events impartialy.Now,Rupavahini reap the harvest what they cropped earlier.Anyway,we are waiting to see the response of MR.

Anonymous said...

This article truly reflects the views of peace abiding citizens of Sri lanka. Will the law and porder prevaial in this instance? Why poor masses of the country need to maintain thugs? If HE can not discipline his colleagues, well done SLRC.

Anonymous said...

Yeah when a common man makes a small mistake he is taken for a rough ride.Now this bastered has done such a big blunder . Lets see what is MR going to say.
I am sure he will say it is a personnel matter.
Mr. President, talking will not do . You are the cream of the nation If you are not straight how will others be straight?

CD from London said...

This is the time for President to react sooner than later because its his responsibility for letting this joker enter to the parliment. If falier of Mahinda's actions we may ask Mr Praba's help to finish off the job for benifit of the country and our childrens, whenever the opertunity is rise for him to do so.

Anonymous said...

WHY Benaziy Bhutto? WHY NOT Mervin Silva ???????

Channa said...

Good article!

If MR thinks that people will forget this incident over time he's terribly mistaken. Churchil won the war in 1945 but was beaten at the polls. People will be reminded of Mervyn by the opposition during elections and MR will sure may not reconcile what happened after loosing. Better he send this guy & family abroad and appoint a good person on the National list and save hundred thousand votes now.

CA DOHA said...

If MR fails to take immediate action to sack this thug, then it may lead to the begginning of his end.

Anonymous said...

Could MR be on the way to recieving something like Mervin got?

Anonymous said...

In this round it was Mervyn. In future rounds it would be; MR - Common Thug, GR - Mass Murderer, Kidnapper & Ransom Collector and BR - Thief.
This is perhaps the end of the beginning, and your time is about to run out, but like all cowards you would do a runner to enjoy your ill-gotten gains. Scum like you only deserve a Saddam Hussein Justice.

Anonymous said...

Impotent leaders like MR & Co. need thugs and criminals like Mervyn, Karuna, Pillayan,Douglas and shameless politicians like Thondaman & Co.

Bureaucracy is brought down to the levels of intimidation, kidnapping kith & kins, murder, ransom etc. to succeed even in a budget vote...

Govt. cannot go on without Mervyns, so he is safe...

Anonymous said...

How this Bimbo got a Doctor title?

somipora said...

Its time to kick out these clowns from the parliment and get some people with heads on the road to develop the country.

Enough is enough. SL poeple has seen enough of these jokes. We are not a nation of thugs, jokers and drug dealers. Its time to do some HOUSE CLEAN UP. !!!!!!!

sparkey said...

It shows the break down of civil society in Sri Lanka engineered by our leaders, JR, RP, CB who supported these ignorant thugs and goons when they were in power. MR is no exception! MR should be directly held responsible for Mervin Silva's shameless actions. (He does not what shame means, so is MR) This incident should be enough to bring down the government... where are JVP and JHU? who preach morality and discipline? They all are propping up this naked, shameless MR govt. Those who support this govt. supports corruption and nepotism......Sri Lanka rise up... Anybody who tolerate this govt. is guilty!!!!

lankanboy said...

To the person who talked about English grammer!Man this is not a language school.As long as you can make others understand your idea in a foreign language that is ok.Even Albert Einstein did not speak grammatically correct english language.Think of Yale Uni, studied George Bush,s english.Many NASA scientists from India(about 36%)does not speak correct english!!I am sure you are a colonial residue who has know it all attitude just because you speak colonial english with Singhalese or Tamil accent.Well,the thuggery in Sri Lanka was introduced by late JR Jayawardena who appointed an IRC as the chairman of the Pharmaceutical coorpn.. and then Premadasa who used thugs to hit and drag Prof.Sarathchandra at Lionel Wendt in one occasion.They had killers like Punchinilame and other thugs in the parliament then.So MR inherited all these charachters and now we have all these cancers with mass murderers like Prbhakaran(a faceless coward.)in our country.The ineffectiveness of the opposition to be blamed as well for this situation.Poor SL.!!!

Anonymous said...

all members of the this governmemt are thugs,thiefs and murderes including mr.
if the sinhalease people (if they NOT modiyars like MR thugs and CO)get rid off these thugs immdiately.

Anonymous said...

Now is the time for president M.R. to get rid of all the thugary bastards showing their faces as ministers in his supreme parliment so that it wont get a bad reputation because if he does keep them in the parliment how much good he does to the country people will give it a bad reputation. This is not the first time because in several occasions this bastard Mervin and his son show off their thug influences. He's not suitable to be in the labour ministry because this ministry is what keeps the country going. In every country the working class is the strongest category in the political arena because that is what controls the economy of any country so this fool is not suppose to threaten this working people. I'm a sri lankan now living in a western country and i see all of this on livecast and everywhere in the world anyone can see this so it is ashame for us sri lankan people living abroad having to answer all the questions people ask us about these problems. Well I hope that you read this and the best advice you could get from anyone Mr. President is to take out all these bastards from the parliment and keep a few good minister's and finally appoint a few good policemen because we have a very good force instead of letting the minister's take drug dealers,thugs,murderers,robbers and etc for bodyguards. Where I live there is no room for any of these stuff and that's why these countries are developped. Thank you and God bless all the staff of SLBC and SLRC who taught this bastard a lesson and this message is to all the other currupt politicians like Mervin so that they stop the things they do otherwise they will end up like him or worse.
May God bless our beautiful motherland and bring it peace and harmony once again.

Anonymous said...

Congradulations to SriLanka Rupavahini Corporation Staff for giving Mervin a wonderful lesson. WE hope other private organisations will follow suit giving similar lessons to other corrupt politicians in SriLanka.


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