Sekkuwa effect in APRC

4 Sep 2007

Sekkuwa is a simple extracting machine traditionally used to extract oil. However, the extracted oil from the Sekkuwa is directly depends on the raw materials inserted. Its no point wishing for ghee oil if one has added mustard into the Sekkuwa, rather it will always results in mustard oil. This is exactly what is happening in the All Party Representative Committee (APRC).

In the last presidential election, Mahinda Rajapaksa got a mandate to defeat terrorism and preserve the unitary status of Sri Lanka. The war against terrorism is moving forward successfully fulfilling the aspirations of the nation. However it is not the case with APRC which is intended to come up with constitutional changes.

The reason for difference in results is clear for all. The war is handled under the correct political and military leadership and its winning. While Mahinda Rajapaksa himself actively involve in key decisions of the war he has appointed his own brother to handle the war. Therefore, the war against terrorism has not been unduly influenced by wicked forces of West and their local agents in the form of NGOs.

However, when it comes to the APRC, the government adapted to play a passive role and a rotten Marxist Mr. Tissa Vitharana was appointed as the president of the committee. It is well known fact that Sama Samaja party has no vote basis and this politically rejected character only managed to sneak into the parliament in the mercy of National List, and they have weak personality and no leadership. It is this type of bankrupt political clowns that are widely targeted by the Western bureaucracy and their local agent NGO's.

It is well know fact that the initial draft solution presented by Tissa Vitharana was prepared by a NGO rather than representing the view of the political parties with vote basis.

UNP is as ever silent on this committee, because they know that the mechanism is under the grip of NGOs and it is going to deliver nothing but a Federal solution. So UNP, without tarnishing their image, can simply keep aside of delivering the wicked Federal baby while NGO midwives are actively at play.

The appointment of Tissa Vitharana was made in very early stages of Mahind Rajapaksa government and it never rectified this mistake. President had tried to track back the committee on several occasions; still they were only temporally measures. It is still not too late for the president to actively involve with the process and provide direct leadership to full fill his mandate.

Because we all know, as long as seed of mustard is in the Sekkuwa, we can only hope of nothing but mustard oil. So this is the time for the president to change the seed in order to get the desired product before it is too late. Its time to oust Tissa Vitharana and vicious NGO midwives from delivery process of constitutional reforms for our mother country.

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Anonymous said...

Spot on correct !!!

Chamath said...

I wish Sekkuwa will be keep on going while LTTE terrorism is crushed by the army. Not a bad strategy anyway :-)


Adaderana Sinhala

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