Political confusion, diffusion and sieve effect

25 Aug 2007

Year 1995 marked the beginning of a dark era. The background for this dark era was set up by the combination of military and political wings of LTTE. Firstly, LTTE’s military mechanism managed to eradicate all the UNP political leaders with real leadership potential. Leaders like R. Premadasa, Lalith Athulathmudali, Ranjan Wijayarathna, and finally Gamini Dissanayaka were brutally assassinated and thereby political vacuum was created to pave the way for a mere feeble clown like Ranil to come to the helm of the United National Party.

It was the political wing of LTTE together with the support of the media and business mafia that erupted similar political chain actions in the opposition to brought forward a character called CBK in to the helm of SLFP, the main opposition party.

It happened to be the most miserable time for all true patriotic people of Sri Lanka, because leadership of both the main parties were then controlled by the evil forces. Evil and vicious forces always play in Sri Lankan politics, but it is always dangerous when these evil forces are mingling and prominent in both the main parties at same time.

It was a time of confusion and frustration. That was the reason why most venerable Soma thero had to come forward and request the nation to not to vote for any of the candidates in the next presidential election and rather cancel their votes.

Now we have passed this dark era of confusion and misery and finally found a true national leader.

The intermingled evil forces are now separating out into two distinct fronts. This is really a good sign for all the people who really love this country. These evil forces can be more harmful and effective when they are distributed than in one side.

It all started when CBK was thrown away from the SLFP and Mahinda Rajapaksa was elected as the party candidate for the presidential election. The evil forces in SLFP lost its leadership after long time. Initially, these evil forces pretended as supporting Mahinda. But we all know that Presidential election campaign of Mahinda Rajapasa was sphere headed by JHU and JVP rather than then SLFP itself.

Later, these evil forces tried to oppose Mahinda within the party. For privileged traitors like Mangala and Sripathy, it was a period of unrest and frustration. Ultimately, both of them cross back to their friends in UNP. SB had already been in the UNP accompany for some time. So old friends SB and Mangala, who work together to bring CBK into the power and thereby ruined this country are in one side again.

Just as Venerable Soma thero mentioned, now CBK has joined hand with Ranil to fight against patriotic national leader Mahinda Rajapaksa. But Mahinda has got the support of nationalist leaders of UNP like Karu Jayasooriya, Hemakumara Nanayakkara and Bandula Gunawardana to strengthen the government.

We can see that progressive forces and evil forces are clearly separating out in to the two fronts.

Ranil-CBK camp supported by people like Mangala, Jayalath, SB , John and Ravi in one side while Mahinda camp is supported by JHU and progressive fractions of UNP.

And importantly, clearly we all know that which camp has the support of LTTE, its media and business mafia together with its proxy TNA.

Now the political environment is less confusing and clearer. So unlike in 1996, the voters have a simple decision to make in the coming elections.

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